Kimba Frances Kerner is an American-born artist based in Poland, who weaves her themes of psychology, narrative, and animism through various mediums. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Parson’s School of Design, and is currently finishing her PhD studies in the Warsaw Academy of Art. From early on she was fascinated in ancient cultures, and she delves deeply into the psyche through her work, focusing on metaphor and patterns, in an endless pursuit of her sense of existence. She focuses primarily on printmaking and ceramics, combining the two in intricate ways. In 2019, she won first place for the Kulisiewicz national Polish printmaking award.

Artist Statement

“I consider my childhood to be the most influential period of my life and feel as if I have remained there, in wonder-filled stories and adventures. Fairy tales, sacred texts and pseudo-scientific treatises from around the world have fascinated me from my youth and I have continued to explore them throughout my artistic practice. 

My art is a reference to those deeply rooted devotions we possess as a species, intricately woven into my own psychological experiences. Each piece contains a specific story that reveals itself layer by layer to the viewer, like a slowly recalled memory. Our closest companions are always some kind of beasts, hidden in the company of our shadow-selves.” 

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