The Fierce and Beautiful Pele


Pele is the goddess of volcanos and of lightening. A goddess with a back straight as a cliff and breasts round like the moon, she killed her true love by incineration with lava, when she decided that her sister’s journey to fetch him took too long. She tried to kill her sister Hi‘iaka too, but she was imbued with divine powers so Pele couldn’t succeed. This was her favorite sister who she carried around in her armpit, because she was born an egg.

Pele also made love to a demi-god man-pig, but when he became his beautiful true form and nature because of his love for her, she was terrified and banished him. To these days Pele makes sure that there is never any pork that crosses into her private domain; she will stalk whoever tries to do it. Feed the pork to the old lady’s dog. All of it.

More to come of Pele later.

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