The confusing mythic-history of Hawaii

So when I started looking into the stories of Hawaiian culture, I thought that there must be lots of stories, and I was very excited to get started. The more I now read, however, the more detailed and confusing these stories get! There are so many different versions of all the stories, and it turns out that real people that lived in old Hawaiian times became gods themselves, as well as became integrated into histories of gods if they were similar in aspects and characteristics. So not only do you have the original stories of gods themselves, but you have all the later additions and versions, not to mention the regional differences of stories. This history is so rich and complex and woven like the Hawaiian kapa fabric. It is such hard work to make, but is so exceedingly beautiful when it is done. This mental process of trying to figure out the essence of these gods must be something like that…

in reading about Pele who is the goddess of volcanos (and also among other things she is famous for making people spontaneously combust for liking and also not liking them) but also it turns out that she had so many different forms! She also got made into the moon goddess Hina, but I am not sure if Hina as herself also exists, and whether she can be portrayed separately from Pele. I have to talk with some expert about this, because I am worried about getting it wrong. I am sure this is connected to the process that Keawe (Kane) also made all the other gods out of himself. Man was divine saliva mixed with red earth. Yummy.

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