Honolulu show opening final text and show pictures

The natural world has always held an intense and provocative mystery to me. The work displayed in this show represents an exploration of the connections between the sacred worlds of two very different cultures. Clay is a shared cultural metaphor for the originating materials of life. I offer a tribute to the founding acts of gods who created both the world and man – as told from perspectives at the opposite ends of the earth.
Over a thousand years ago, Christianity overcame the animistic Polish gods, but there remain very old pre-Christian traditions to this day. As in Hawaiian culture, there are traces and rituals tied to this sacred conception of the world. In Hawaiian society, however, it is much easier to discover the details, because what exists today is a living continuation of this sacred past.
What is presented here is a small personal investigation of a large amount of information from different sources. It is a limited view of worlds that I have barely managed to step into, but I invite you to share slivers of worlds where everything is full of life and we are all taking part.
With this show I offer my personal explorations of two sacred understandings of the world. Despite the obvious differences it is hard not to notice the similarities that speak of the common thread of humanity and our shared place within the world.



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