Honolulu show opening final text and show pictures

The natural world has always held an intense and provocative mystery to me. The work displayed in this show represents an exploration of the connections between the sacred worlds of two very different cultures. Clay is a shared cultural metaphor for the originating materials of life. I offer a tribute to the founding acts ofContinue reading “Honolulu show opening final text and show pictures”

Honolulu show description

INTERSECTING VISIONS: a ceramic exploration into the sacred heritage of Hawaii and Poland The natural world has always held an intense and provocative mystery to me. This show is about finding connections between vastly different worlds, and understanding what it means to be human in a natural world. Over 1,000 years ago, Christianity overthrew theContinue reading “Honolulu show description”

Slavic God Swiętowit

Four heads, four different realms to watch over. To what realms he watched over exactly is hard to piece together, but what I understand to be: The underworld of the dead The world of eternal spring and greenery where the birds flew in the wintertime, where Weles resided The world of the living, our placeContinue reading “Slavic God Swiętowit”

Hawaiian and Slavic Animism

In the early times of Slavic peoples as well as in the early days of Hawaiian settlement, the societies were animistic. They believed in the harmony and balance of all things, that the (specifically Hawaii) Mana which was the “divine spark” existed in all things, and there was no real separation between the divine andContinue reading “Hawaiian and Slavic Animism”

Potatoes and Birches 2014 show in Warsaw

This was an installation which discussed old Polish beliefs before they were replaced by Christianity 1,000 years ago. This was also a commentary on the rampant alcohol consumption by Polish citizens (featured as little potato people on potato islands), and showed how vodka cuts us off from our higher selves. These old traditions worshipped nature, and particularly powerful wereContinue reading “Potatoes and Birches 2014 show in Warsaw”